How old do I have to be to pre-order curbside pick up?

You must be 21+ to order. You be asked to show an ID when you arrive to pick up your beer. 

Can I order come to the brewery on a Wednesday between 3pm - 6pm and order on the spot or add to an existing order?

No. All orders must be preordered online before midnight Thursday's.

Will you hold my order if I can't make it the Friday of the week I ordered.

Yes, absolutely.

If I have an MKNYC gift card that I got before shutdown can I use it to purchase beer for pick up?

Unfortunately physical MKNYC gift cards cannot be used online to order for pick up for shipping at the moment. If you're looking to purchase a gift card for someone to use you can purchase a virtual gift card for them in our online store.

If I show up with a growler to pick up my order can I get it filled?

Our bar is completely closed so we will not be filling growlers.

Can I order beer for curbside pick-up and NY State delivery?

No. Orders must be one or the other. All orders containing beer for both pick up and shipping will no be fulfilled and refunded back to you. 

If you have any other questions please contact